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Major Activities & Services

We nourish the flourishing greenary

 list    Setting up and operation of waste management equipments and plans with Orgaver / Wastepro Machine, Biogas plant, Incinerators, Shredder etc. for muncipal solid waste management.

 list    Preparation of project report for the establishment of suitable systems for the disposal of municipal waste through latest practices.

 list    Supply of material handling equipments and tools required for Municipal Solid Waste Management.

 list   Procurement and supply of agricultural machinery and equipment such as Tractors, Tillers, and Pump sets etc.

 list    Fabrication and supply of paddy threshers, winnowers, Storage bins Copra dryers, implements and other attachments to tractors, tillers etc.

 list    Promote direct and hire purchase sale of pump sets for irrigation and drinking water schemes etc.

 list    Installation of lift irrigation, community irrigation drinking water project etc.

 list    Design, Supply and installation of sprinkler and drip irrigation etc.

 list     Design, fabrication and supply of mist chambers, green houses, poly houses etc.

 list    Procurement and distribution of agricultural inputs such as neem cake, organic manure, and fertilizers, coir pith compost etc.


Activities in production sector

Custom Hiring Centers, Micro Irrigation Systems, Sprinkler irrigation, Drip Irrigation Design Fabrication and installation of modern green houses, mist chambers and shade houses.

Production of agricultural implements

Winnowers, Threshers, Thresher cum Winnowers , Copra Dryers Climbing devices, Banana fibre extraction unit.

Supply, installation & commission of

Plumbing System, Lift Irrigation System, Drinking Water Supply Schemes.

Activities in service sector

Agro Technology Show Rooms Providing Total Solutions to Municipal Solid waste Management, Biogas Plant, Rain Water Harvesting, Drinking Water Projects, Water Purification Plant.

Value addition crops

COCUNUTS - Coco crispy and Coco Vinegar,
PEPPER - White Pepper.


Operation and maintenance of agricultural machinery like Combine Harvester, tractors, power tillers, pump sets etc.
Training for palm (coconut) climbing.
Operation and maintenance of heavy earth moving equipments.