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KAMCO Power Reaper

Item Code : 2100000
KAMCO Power Reaper is ideally suited for harvesting of paddy, wheat and similar crops. It harvests and makes windrows at the rate of 3-4 hours per ha. Since the fuel used is kerosene, cost of operation is the lowest and it helps the farmer to harvest his field at the lowest ever cost.


Model : KR 120
Overall length :2390 mm
Overall width :1470 mm
Height (Up to Handle) :900 mm
Weight : 116 KG
Working Capacity : 3 -4 hr/hectare (1.2-1.8 hrs/acre)
Applicable Plant Height : 60-120 cm
Crop release : Right side of machine (viewed from rear)

Type :Single Cylinder,4 stroke ,side valve ,Air cooled Engine
Fuel : Petrol Start,Kerosene run
Rated HP : 3.5
Max . HP : 3.85
R.P.M :3600
Specific Fuel Consumption : 339 gm/H.P hr
Fuel Tank Capacity : Kerosene 4 Ltr ,Petrol 0.4 litres
Air cleaner :Oil Bath Type
Starting :Recoil starting

Forward speed : 59.0 m/min
Reverse : 50 m/min
Applicabilty :Dry field & Wet field

Operation & Control

Main Clutch : Dog Clutch
Harvesting Clucth :Dog Clutch

Cutting Device : Reciprocating Knife Bar
Cutting Height : Adjustable 10-30 Cm grounded level
Cutting width : 120 cm


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