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KAMCO Garden Tiller

KAMCO Barlieri B/30, is an easy- to- handle garden tiller with Italian technology and design. The powerful HONDA petrol engine ensures efficiency, reduced vibration and noise, low emission levels and low maintenance.Overall,it is an economy model that offers a safe and comfortable operation.

Major Applications

  • Tilling  
  • Ridging/Furrowing
  • Soil preparation for Vegetable cultivation and in orchards & sugarcane fields
  • Spade work in coconut groves.


Technical Specification

Engine                                      : Honda petrol
Power                                       : KW 4.0 (HP 5.5)
Starter                                      : Recoil Starter
Clutch                                      : Engagement and Disengagement
Gear Box                                 : 1 forward and 1 reverse
Transmission                           : chain and belt
Little transport wheel              : standard
Working width                        : 93 cm


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