The Kerala Agro Industries Corporation Ltd. Sandbox

Empowering the Farmer



  • To focus with providing service support to farmers.
  • Cater the service need of modern machineries.
  • Equipping the service centers with modern machinery.
  • Building up of additional infrastructure.
  • Improvement of repair and maintenance facilities.
  • Ensuring availability of spares.
  • Popularization of machinery
  • To act as a catalyst to farm mechanization programme.

Welcome to Kerala Agro Industries Corporation Ltd.

The Kerala Agro Industries Corporation Ltd. (KAIC) is a joint venture of Government of India and Government of Kerala established in 1968. A premier institution in the state promoting mechanisation and modern technology in agriculture, setting up of agro based industries, production of value added products, civil construction, infrastructure development, waste management solutions etc. KAIC acts as an implementing agency for various schemes under state and central Governments.

Featured Products


KAMCO Power Tiller
KAMCO Power Tiller is a versatile machine primarily used for preparation of land for farming operations. With suitably designed accessories the machine can be used .... Read More



KAMCO Power Reaper
KAMCO Power Reaper is ideally suited for harvesting of paddy, wheat and similar crops. It harvests and makes windrows at the rate of 3-4 hours per ha. Since the fuel used is kerosene .... Read More